Well, I was a meat eater. I simply felt fed up one day and upon watching the acclaimed documentary ‘Food Inc’, I decided to slowly cut down on my meat intake. The first reason is because I felt disgusted at what mass production is doing to animals. But also, because I noticed how slowly, my vegan and vegetarian menus were making me healthier and more energetic. They also made me lose weight and I needed that, because of health reasons. I was proud of helping out the chain by being a week vegetarian. But then I started to flirt with the idea of becoming a full blown vegan.


I did the research and there is no good source of information. One party claims is the best thing you can do for the earth, while another says “this is bull, you need to eat different foods, because you are also helping to destroy the earth”, then someone else claims “well, then become a fruitarian, I’m healthy and I only eat fruits”. But then a doctor claims that those fruitarian’s insulin receptors go insane after years of eating just ONE group of food. Many have released videos online claiming that veganism made them put on weight, made them depressed, anxious and as time went by, their blood tests spoke for themselves: veganism and fruit based diets DO not help your diet. And you end up with bad colon issues because you’re digesting huge amounts of veggies or fruits.


I tried to avoid preachy vegans telling me that my diet HAD to be vegan, how else would we restore the equilibrium of animals living with humans…but that got me thinking. We never had that equilibrium. Hunting is what we did when we were not civilized and organized and food wasn’t mass produced. While I do agree with the fact that animals cannot be tortured and confined to those unhealthy living conditions just to murder them mercilessly, I do not agree that veganism is the ONE way to go. Particularly Raw veganism. And in a farmer’s words, here’s why:



The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes, diets and lifestyles change and it’s OK. Do what works for you, and your values. Do what works for your body. If raw veganism doesn’t do the trick for you, then don’t force feed your body with huge amounts of raw food. Eat cooked veggies! Eat fruits! Eat meat! Eat what makes your blood test results shine, and your energy boost! Whatever you do, keep reading and try to filter so many preachy messages online that seem to confuse us all. Be happy and healthy and enjoy life!