Being a celebrity is often confused with being a spoiled, selfish brat, who’s leading a life of excess, money, fame, and parties. But not all celebrities decide to take on their fame and use it to party 24/7 like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton do. Some celebrities are praised for their acting or singing skills, but also, because they publicly speak out on matters that are important to the world. These are the most outspoken celebrities who lead the vegan and vegetarian life and we cannot help but praise them. For the right reasons.

Alicia Silverstone. Was one of the first celebs to publicly screamed to the world back in the 90’s, that she was a vegetarian. Author of the book ‘The kind diet’, is an outspoken mom who’s been a vegan for over 16 years now. Back it wasn’t so ‘common’ to hear celebrities speak about animal abuse and these sorts of diets. “I couldn’t reconcile being an advocate for animals and at the same time eating them — it made no sense,” she stated in her new book, The Kind Mama. And boy, do we agree!

Alan Cumming. Who plays Eli Gold on TV’s hit show The Good Wife knows a thing or two about strategy and the power those political candidates carry under their sleeves. And being in the spotlight himself, Alan stands for animal rights and is completely against the hormones that dead carcasses carry in their bodies. He’s also a big fan of hummus. Who can blame him?!

Lovely Anne Hathaway, who plaid an innocent intern in the movie Devil Wears Prada dropped 60 pounds for a movie role. She went from a slim girl to an unbelievably tiny shred of her old self. She chopped her hair off as well, but that wasn’t the only change in her life. She ditched her old eating habits and turned to veganism. She seemed to be in the right track, according to PETA and other vegan crusaders, when suddenly in 2014, she decided to switch to the Paleo diet which is packed with a different kind of protein. Hey! Whatever works for her! She just might come back to being a vegan, right?

Emily Deschanel. Also known as ‘Dr. Brennan’ on Fox’s show Bones, got pregnant and maintained her vegan diet. Twenty years ago she started the green life and has never looked back. When she was pregnant, she stated “I don’t think it’s any more challenging for me than it is for anyone else: You have to make sure you get all those essential nutrients.” And we all know she’s talking about getting enough vitamin B12 and omega-3s, which is something most vegans lack.