Have some extra space in your garden? Some empty pots you want to put to good use? Start growing aromatic herbs if you are not doing it already. And if you are, keep doing it. And maybe grow some more. There are a million reasons why having your own little herb garden, but I will list only a few of them. You will find your own reasons to love your herb garden, I can promise you that.

1. Taking care of plants if therapeutic

It’s been scientifically proven that gardening is very relaxing. Taking time out of your day to pause and care for your plants can help you reduce stress and anxiety. Using your hands and clearing your head for a few minutes a day will make you feel renewed and energized, and it will improve your mood for the rest of the day.

2. Growing plants that you can use is rewarding

There is no feeling as satisfying as knowing your hobbies are both fun and useful. Sure, all plants look nice, but when your plants look nice and are a great addition to your cooking, it’s clear who the real winner is. An aromatic herb garden can give you a sense of accomplishment every time you cook, knowing you are using something you grew with your own hands.


3. Fresh herbs taste a lot better than the dried stuff

It doesn’t matter if you are a fantastic chef or if the kitchen is a new and mysterious land for you. Any dish can be improved with fresh herbs. Basil, parsley, thyme, mint, bay and oregano can add a lot of flavor, and take your meals from “okay” to “amazing”. You can even experiment with different flavors to see which addition works best with every dish.

4. They just smell good

 Aromatic herbs are, well, aromatic. They smell fantastic without being overwhelming. A lot of flowers smell nice, of course, but they can be overly sweet for some people. And flowers bloom only for a while. Herbs, on the other hand, always smell fresh, and they keep their smell all year round. Basil, mint and lavender are especially good for this, especially if you are growing them indoors. They mask unpleasant smells and keep the room smelling fresh and clean.

 5. You can save money

 If you normally use herbs and spices in your cooking, they can add up in your budget, especially if you choose to use fresh leaves as opposed to dried ones. With your own little herb garden, you can scratch that item off your grocery list indefinitely.