Everyone probably has a little box of tools in their garage meant for screwdrivers, hammers, measuring tapes, and other random but helpful items. But did you know you could have “green” tools instead of regular tools? The green tools not only cost about the same as regular tools and power tools but they are also a lot better for our earth and are completely sustainable. A lot of the green tools are made from recyclable materials which helps reduce the amount of  The green tool box is not only a good idea for yourself but makes it the perfect present. Give the green tool box to your favorite handy-man and include a how-to book for ideas and you can pick it up from your local thrift store.

Battery-operated Drill

This one might seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised by the amount of people that are still using electric drills. Not only is the cord annoying and gets in the way but they use a lot of energy. A rechargeable drill packs a lot of power while using far less energy.

Measuring Tape

An important and basic tool that everyone needs in their toolbox is a measuring tape. Manufacturers offer a greener option when compared to traditional measuring tapes. Green measuring tapes are made from recycled materials and have many features traditional measuring tapes have such as your desired length, a cam-activated lock, etc.)


Another really important “must-have” tool is a screwdriver. However you don’t have to have your traditional basic screwdriver, they offer rechargeable battery-operated screwdrivers. They also have screwdrivers that are made from corn and other recyclable materials.