Halloween is a fun time filled with candy, costumes, and most importantly fun, family bonding time. It might be scary to think of all the waste that accumulates on Halloween but have no fear, we have come up with tips that will help reduce your Halloween waste.

  • Instead of buying plastic pumpkins  for trick-or-treating that might get ruined, make your own candy knapsack. Take old pillowcases and decorate them with your children.
  • Buy re-usable decorations instead of one-time-use ones. This might seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at the number of people that buy disposable decorations because of convenience or price. I personally think that you should invest a couple more dollars for products that will last a couple of years compared to one Halloween.
  • After Halloween is over, don’t throw away your costume. Re-use it or donate it to a local thrift store.  If you want to keep your costume, you can always take certain pieces of each costume to make a new one for next year!
  • Before buying decorations, make your own. A simple Pinterest search turned up creative and cleaver decorations using all sorts of household items. One popular craft is to make your own ghost lanterns out of old gallon sized milk jugs.
  • Make your own scarecrow out of old clothing and household materials. Your scarecrow doesn’t have to be scary, you can decorate him or her with leaves, hats, flowers, old scraps of material, and old clothing. Make your scarecrow unique, like you.

What are your green Halloween tips?