Winter is coming. No, that does not mean that another season of Game of Thrones is on its way. It means that you need to find out how to take care of your lawn the eco-friendly way. Do not let the cold weather ruin all of your hard work. The green color on your lawn will fade away slowly during the winter, but there are ways to get that color back in the spring.

Here are some basic things you can do to keep your lawn safe in the winter.

Mulch: If your lawn has some patchy areas then spread mulch in those areas. It will keep weeds from growing up in it and also keep the grass around it from being damaged too.

Local Plants: Incorporate some local plants because they have adapted to survive in the weather that hits the area. They will live on through the winter season. Plus they are already accustomed to the local diseases.

Plant Seasonally: Rose bushes, azaleas, and hibiscus are all options of plants that bloom well in the winter.

Mow: Go back to the basics. Forget about the electric lawnmower and the gas powered lawnmower. Use a push mower. You help the world and help yourself in the process. Keep the grass cut short during the winter. By doing this you keep rodents out from ruining the grass.  Also only mow every four weeks.

Rake: The leaves can kill and de-green your lawn. It keeps the grass from getting sunlight and air. Rake them up regularly. Do not get rid of the fallen leaves. Crumble them up to reuse in the spring as mulch. Use a bamboo rake to keep it as eco0friendly as you can.

Weeds Be Gone: Pull the weeds out by hand but be careful to not let any of the seeds hit the soil again.

Grass Seeds: In any area that there is few grass or none at all, plant new grass seeds now. Cover them up with mulch or compost to help them grow faster. In the spring time your grass will be even, just trim it.

Soil: Frequently keep your lawn feed with a good mix of fertilizer. It needs aeration to keep the flow of water and air to hit every spot of the lawn.

Drench It: Before it gets real cold, water your lawn real good. Drench it up so it can have one last good gulp of water before the spring.

Lazy Makes Lawn Unhappy: Do not let your lawn suffer because you are lazy. Be active and protect your lawn in the winter.

Hopefully with the simple tasks you can keep your lawn looking great throughout all the seasons. Taking care of it in the winter will always produce a beautiful green lawn. Rake, mow, water, and plant knowledgeably. Keep up with new eco-friendly lawn care maintenance at your local garden center.