Do not let the title deceive you. You are not adding anything that is green into your food. You are adding green colored foods into your daily meals. Green colored foods include veggies not green apple Jolly Ranchers.  A lot of us hate vegetables. Some of us adore them. Then there are some of us who are picky about which ones we actually like to eat. I prefer crunchy veggies with a lot of flavor and dressing. Oil and vinegar normally do the trick.

Here are some ways to add veggies into your food. The best part is that you will not even know that they are there.

Sauce: Instead of buying a can of spaghetti sauce, make a homemade version full of sneak attack veggies. The great thing about a homemade savory sauce is that you can add any ingredient that you want, except candy and chocolate of course. How do you add the veggies in without anyone noticing? You puree them in. That way all the veggies will blend in with the sauce. It tastes so good that your little ones will not even notice that the spaghetti sauce is full of eggplant and carrot puree.

Sandwiches: Are you making yourself a turkey club sandwich for lunch? Add a little crunch to it. Slide in a crisp leaf of Romaine lettuce, a crunchy pickle, and slices of cucumber. Trust me you will love it and not even know that the added goodness is from veggies.  Try eating a sandwich lettuce roll. Get your deli meat selection and put it between two pieces of lettuce. Roll it up and enjoy.

Fruit Platter: Of course apples, grapes, orange slices, pineapple chunks, and melon wedges are the norm in a fruit platter. How about adding some baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and celery sticks to round it out? Caramel, ranch, and peanut butter dips are optional.

Taco: Yes you already have the shredded lettuce and pico de gallo. Add some extra veggies to the ground beef. You can add spinach, beans, shredded carrots and even pumpkin to the meat to give a kick of sweetness. Plus the cheese and crunchy taco shell will help you mask those veggies.

Desserts: Carrot cakes, and pumpkin pies are the normal go to veggie star desserts. Did you know that you can have a scrumptious cake full of eggplant and chocolate? A Sweet Potato Mousse? And Plantain Ice Cream? I bet the answer is no because the veggie words scared you off. Try a dessert full of veggie nutrients. Your heart will not regret it. Carrots dipped in chocolate are to die for.

There you have it. Simple ways to trick your loved ones and yourself into eating more green stuff. Food is food, but not everything can be red, yellow, brown, and white (colors of a normal burger). Mix the veggies in and everyone wins. From sauces to desserts, green stuff will find its way to make you smile. By green stuff I do mean veggies still. Just incase. So go start tricking peeps into eat green.