If you are looking for a gift that is environmentally conscious, useful, durable and at the same time expensive looking then you have come to the right place. There are plenty of eco-friendly holiday gift options out there that you probably never considered buying for someone but you will love our suggestions.

When you think about an eco-friendly gift you probably do not imagine that this would apply to electronic gadgets but you would be wrong. There are some green options for the gadget geek in your family.

Would you ever spend $15 on a battery? Well how about a rechargeable battery that connects to a USB port. That way they can charge their USB Cell Battery while surfing the web, writing a report, or updating their blog. And they won’t have to spend so much money on conventional chemically toxic batteries, which ends up in landfills.

If you have a junior Stephen Spielberg in the house then they will love the Sun & Cloud Camera. It not only has a solar panel to charge itself but it also has a crank that they can turn to charge up the camera in case there’s no sun. If you’re worried that this camera does not compare to the standard ones, do not worry. The Sun & Cloud camera shoots digital quality videos and photo stills. But spoiler alert! Prepare to fork over $180 for this baby. So make sure you really love the person you’re buying this for.


For those of you looking for an outdoorsy gift, try the Rydon Pixio bicycle light. It is solar-powered and designed to resist the weather elements. So if the bike rider in your family gets lost in the mountains or a park, they will be guaranteed to have up to 60 hours of light with the Rydon Pixio. At $39.99, this gift is cheap but looks expensive.

For that green thumb family member or friend you can buy them the Apple-Tree-To-Be Kit for just $22. Sure it is not much to look at when they get the gift but it has all the things they will need to plant their own apple tree.

If you have a teen who has rebelled against you by going wiccan, then do them and the environment a favor by buying them sox wax candles. They are scented but they will not release any of those harmful chemicals that a-typical candles release when burned.

Bamboo kitchenware like cutting boards and core bamboo bowls make an excellent gift for the chef in the house because the material is natural, sustainable and durable. Plus they will give the kitchen that tropical island feel as opposed to a sterile feel commonly caused by conventional plastic or metallic kitchenware.

You can also buy a couple of throw blankets for everyone in the family. That way everyone can sit close to each other by the couch while watching reruns of Christmas marathon specials like “A Christmas Story” without wasting energy from using a heater and releasing fumes into the environment.


Eco-friendly gifts for the holidays are available for every family member and every budget, but best of all, you’ll be contributing to keeping the environment safe.