Need a flashlight and the batteries are dead? How many times has that happened to you? Have no fear because solar powered flashlights are here! With so many great solar powered models on the market it is hard to know what exactly to look for. It is best to determine what you and your family needs are then decide what kind of flashlight model to get!

A solar flashlight is a flashlight that stores energy from the sun, using solar power as a source of light when it gets turned on. A typical solar powered flashlight has a small amount of solar panels, normally in the handle; which makes the flashlight easy to use! Other models include a crank that creates light was well or even hybrid models that include a hand crank and solar panels or a set of batteries and a hand crank. There are even some flashlights that include radios (very handy in emergency situations).

Many stores have solar flashlights such as Bass Pro Shops and Target and you can shop around online and also order directly from the manufacturers. If you buy a good solar flashlight is should last you a long time. You can throw it in your toolbox and forget about it, just do not forget to place the flashlight in the sun to charge!

Here are two great solar powered flashlights you should consider buying:

  • Goal Zero 90107 Solo Solar Powered Flashlight

This flashlight includes solar powered panels as well as a crank and a AC/DC output to power this flashlight. It has a long battery life and can be charged in as little as 10 minutes with the hand crank. It costs about $25 dollars online not including shipping and handling on

  • Dorcy 3 LED Dynamo & Solar Flashlight

This flashlight has solar panels and a crank shaft to charge the batteries. It features three bright LED lights. It costs $20.59 plus shipping and handling and you can find it at