“Simply put, we set out to make the most eco-forward watches available. Truthful, transparent and to the point – we’ll never be anything less.” This is the mission statement of Sprout Watches. They make cute and stylish watches that are made from completely renewable and recyclable materials. Even the packaging is made with 80% post consumer fibers. They have been featured in many magazines such as Instyle, Oprah, People and more!

Sprout Watches have been around for over 50 years and have produced quality watches. All the watches are made from organic corn resin, organic cotton, cork, and Tyvek. Every watch has a lead- and phthalate-free timepiece features a mineral crystal lens, a mercury-free battery, and a mother-of-pearl or bamboo dial. They even have conflict free and certified diamonds!

One of the best part about these watches? None of them are over $80! You read right! These affordable watches range in price from $30-$80. With so many different styles (men and women’s watches are available) and colors (bold, stripes, classics) there is sure to be something you will fall in love with! These watches are stylish, affordable, high quality, eco-friendly, and are made to last.

Check out some of our favorites!

For more information, where to buy, and to purchase your own watch- check out their website.

All photos courtesy of SproutWatches.com.