Have you heard about recycled glass countertops and wondered what exactly they are or maybe you’ve never heard of them before. The glass that is used in the recycled countertops is from both post-consumer and pre-consumer sources.

Where is the glass from?

Post-consumer sources are plenty however it is most commonly found from consumers (glass bottles). Although curbside recycled glass is common, salvage glass is an “emerging new source”.  Recently a lot of state and local governments are requiring the recyclcing of the glass that is pulled from demolished buildings.

Why is it considered a green alternative?

Most of the common countertops that are built use Corian, plastic laminate (Formica), tile, and granite. However because of its petroleum base, Corian and other solid machine-able counter materials are a poor ecological choice. Recycled glass countertops have a low impact environmentally as both the cement and glass used in this product contain recycled content. These countertops also help create end uses for hard to recycle types of glass.

Where can the recycled glass countertops be used?

The recycled glass countertops aren’t limited to just the kitchen counters. You can use the recycled glass in kitchen backsplashes, bathroom counters, fireplace surrounds, shower bases, or virtually any other flat surface, such as a kitchen table top.

What colors are available?

Recycled glass countertops are available in a wide variety of colors – both single color and mixed for the glass, and several color choices for the cement it’s embedded in. The size of the glass pieces is also optional.

Where can I find my own recycled glass countertop?

There are many companies that carry recycled glass countertops. Some of the major companies include IceStone, Vertrazzo and Geos. If you go to their websites you can find local companies that carry their lines!

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