Successful interior decorating takes into account the entire human experience. A great way to personalize your house and make it a home is to incorporate some of the five senses. Here are some tips on incorporating sound, sight, smell and touch into your home.


Music can fill a home with happy memories, moments of joy, and soothing tranquility. A happy home is often filled with music that moves the soul and soothes the nerves.  Make an at-home tranquility fountain and place in your living room or visit your local thrift shop and find some soothing music on CDs.


The eye likes to see visually pleasing things, which is why we strive to have a visually pleasing home.  It is personal preference which colors and textures you like some will prefer neutrals and some will prefer vibrant colors.  An easy way to please the eye is to paint your rooms or paint an accent wall. Try and use  an eco-friendly wall paint.


Pleasant scents are always preferable over those that might not smell so pleasant. So indulge yourself and your home with pleasant scents. Depending on the room, depends on the scent. If you want your bedroom to have a romantic feel, use lavender. Make your own air fresheners for your house (read about the dangers of commercial air fresheners and how to make your own here.)


Fill your home with eco-friendly fabrics and upholsteries that comfort you. Shop at secondhand stores or at thrift shops for gently used furniture. When shopping for fabrics or upholstered furniture run your hands across the surface. Ask yourself “How does it feel?” and “How does it make me feel”.  Also mix and match different textures together such as hardwood floors with a silky rug.