An easy way to start reducing your electric bill every month is to cut back on appliances you do not really need. If you are like the typical household you have drawers and cabinets filled with gadgets and small appliances. To help conserve energy, resources, and money consider getting rid of some of these gadgets and using the alternative instead.

Electric Knife

Most people break out the electric knife twice, maybe three times a year (Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, and maybe Easter). However why not ditch your electric knife and use a nice sharp knife instead? It does the exact same thing as an electric knife but does not use any electricity.


Are you surprised to find an electric juicer on the list? This is an easy switch that won’t screw up your healthy juice regimen. Hand-held juicers require a little muscle, but they produce big energy savings.

Electric Mixer and Stick Blender

An electric stick immersion blender has a single mixer attachment, so to make something like whipping cream, a hand-held mixer is your best bet. The old fashioned, quiet hand mixer works like a dream. Often you can find these in antique stores with wooden handles. Don’t forget vintage is totally in right now.

Coffee Grinder

It’s early in the morning and it’s awfully easy to plug in the coffee grinder to pulverize fresh beans. Just think how much faster you’ll wake up if you have to do it yourself.