When thinking about giving an interior facelift to your current home or selecting a color palette for an exciting new space, nature is a great reference point. If you look at a handful of pebbles, a field of grain or a forest of trees, you can detect a wide variety of colors that can help bring an eco-friendly look indoors.

Creamy or pale-earth yellows will help create an illusion of space in a tight area. One important tip is to avoid large expanses of sterile white, which can feel unfriendly and institutional. Since earth colors are generally warming, they work particularly well in large living rooms.

If you’re adding a new coat or two of paint to your walls to bring earth tones indoors, check out Benjamin Moore’s Natura line of zero-VOC paint. It’s a premium-quality paint with a washable finish that has none of the toxic fumes associated with traditional interior paints.

Neutral, natural colors are ideal for walls and floors since brighter tones such as reds or oranges can be added as accent colors through furnishings or smaller surface areas. This is especially important if you like to mix up your furnishings or accents frequently. Using a neutral color as a base will allow you to easily incorporate new colors through throw pillows, photo frames, or vases to keep your décor fresh.