Even though the holiday season means spending treasured time with friends and family, it can also be pretty hectic due to all the shopping, cooking and cleaning. Consider a few of these post-holiday tips for staying energized and centered all year long.

Use energizing essential oils. Try adding an essential oil to a diffuser and place the diffuser in the bathroom as you get ready in the mornings. Essential oils like Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang have uplifting and motivating properties.

See the light. Research has shown that even just 20 to 30 minutes of sunlight each day can improve your mood. Get outdoors (just remember your sunscreen) or sit and read a book in a sunny, window filled room. Natural sunlight encourages the body to produce vitamin D and protects us from seasonal mood changes.

Plan a sabbatical. A sabbatical is defined as, “A break or change from a normal routine (as of employment).” There is a reason people take sabbaticals and are given vacation time. Don’t use yours getting things done around the house or, worse yet, skip it altogether. Planning a time for some future R&R is important and gives you something to look forward to after the holidays.

Get moving on the weekends. Create a weekend routine that will get you up and out of bed. Leave a set of gym clothes next to the bed before you go to sleep so it’s easier to hit that early AM yoga class. Or, make a brunch date with that bubbly friend you’ve been anxious to catch up with. Her mood will be contagious. It’s a downer to feel like you’ve spent your Saturday or Sunday moping around all day, so find a reason to get up and get moving!

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