bird-feeders-diy-recycled-craftsSave those bottles! Save those boxes! Save anything recyclable because it can totally be reused again but in a cute way. Decorate your backyard with new items from things that you would normally recycle. It can be so much fun. Plus who does not love decorating? You can involve the whole family and make it a cohesive fun project. First, you want to put everything in separate piles so that way you know what you are working with. Next, you want to go to the craft room and get all the supplies. Remember to get all the scraps from your craft room because they will be greatly used. Finally, get to making new décor pieces for you backyard.

Here are some great ideas for you to try.

Bird Feeders – These will be great to use outside. Give your back yard a nice touch with homemade bird-feeders. All you have to do is cut a circle (big enough for a bird) about 4 inches from the bottom of the bottle. Now paint the bottle with non-toxic paint in any color. Decorate it with any art that you want. Maybe a welcome sign? Now glue a wooden rod by the hole. Let it dry. Fill it with bird seeds, hang it up and let the birds enjoy the feeder. Beware their cousins, the squirrels, might try to eat the seeds too.

Straw Chimes – These do not make noise but are beautiful to look at. All you need is some imagination. Save straws of many colors and sizes. Use clear thread and creative with the design and length of your chime. You can hang them off tree branches. Use white straws for a more elegant charm. Use colorful straws for a more festive vibe. Use a mixture of sizes for an eclectic look. You can even run a thread through the middle of the chime and add a bell if you want some noise.

10 Mistakes: You Are Building That Green Home WrongMini-Luminaires – Light up the deck with these unique lights. Cut the bottles in half and paint the bottom half white, red, orange, yellow, or light green. Fill them up with sand (from your backyard) and put tea lights in them.

Cardboard Deco Box – Use cardboard boxes as deco pieces on your backyard deck. Paint them and add some flare buy making a collage one with extra scraps of magazine clippings. Paint one box black and the other one white. Stack them on top of each other to get a modern art vibe.

Decoupage Lanterns – Have any leftover balloons? Use them to make decoupage lanterns. Blow up the balloon and tie it. Tape it to a flat surface. Mix glue and water to get a watery sticky glue mixture. Cut strands of colorful paper, magazine clippings, newspaper, etc. Dip them into the mixture and place them on the balloon in random spots until the balloon is covered. Once dried, pop the balloon and pull it out. You have beautiful lanterns to hangs. Add lights to them if you want.

Yes these might seem like little décor items, but trust me, they will elevate your backyard to a whole new level.