In a survey I just made up, the amount of time the average person wants to spend cleaning their house is “zero”. It’s something we all have to do, but we end up pushing it until the last minute and then panic because we don’t have enough time. But that’s about to change. With the right strategy you will clean faster and finish right on time to host that dinner party tonight.


1. Don’t underestimate the soundtrack

It sounds silly, but listening to your favorite, preferably upbeat music will put you in a better mood and help you clean faster, with less pain.


2. Arm yourself with everything you need beforehand

You know what sucks? Going back-and-forth to the cleaning cabinet to get that one cleaning product you need now. Avoid this, get a basket and put all the cleaning products you think you’ll need (include gloves, sponges, tissues and vodka… trust me on this one), and carry it around while you clean.


3. Reconnaissance mission

Get an empty box or basket and a trash can, and walk through every room in your house, twice. As you walk the first time, put every item that doesn’t belong in that room in the basket, and throw the trash away. When you walk back, put every item in the basket in its rightful place.


4. I don’t have a clever title for doing the dishes

But you have to do them. Get them out of the way fast, especially if you are dreading this task. After you straightened everything in step three and you get a clean sink, your whole house will look so much cleaner immediately, which will motivate you to continue, because you are almost done.


5. Heavy duty weapons

If you have to vacuum, find the longest extension cord you have. It’s super simple, but it makes it so much easier. As long as you pay attention to where you are going and don’t entangle yourself, you won’t have to start and stop ten times and you’ll be done so much sooner.


6. Chemical warfare

Now is a good time to clean counters, tiles and similar surfaces. The top-secret, unexpected surface cleaner you have at home? Vodka. Or rubbing alcohol works as well, but with vodka you can have a motivational drink while you are cleaning. Get rid of greasy kitchen gunk and moldy bathroom muck, and shine your surfaces with the same product. Don’t worry about the smell, it will evaporate and dissipate quickly.


7. Victory!

You did it! Congratulations. Light a few candles (nice smells make everything feel extra clean) and have a celebratory screwdriver. You’ve earned it.