Watch out world there’s a new product on the market that has the ability to change recycling as we know it. The product is called Solecan™ and it was designed and invented by Liz and Jeff Helfrich.

What exactly is the Solecan™? Liz and Jeff have “reinvented” the traditional trash can. The Solecan™ is a dual-sided trash can; the two halves snap together in the middle, with one side designated for trash and the other for recycling.  By unsnapping the two halves, you can easily empty trash into the larger trash can and the recycling into the family’s main recycling bin. You can still use traditional trash bags in the Solecan or you can go without. The Solecan™ is made in the USA and it is made with recycled plastic, so its eco-footprint will be as small as possible. The Solecan™ honestly looks the same as a traditional trashcan but has a lot more functionality. It is a perfect way to get the whole family to recycle and can be used in virtually every room in your home.

Right now they are seeking funding on a website called Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a site that allows creative projects to raise funds from “backers” in exchange for rewards. You can be a part of bringing this product to market by pledging as little as $1. If they reach their target investment (which is preselling about 3,300 Solecans by April 22, 2013, Earth Day) then you will be charged your pledge. For $17 and up you will receive one of the trash cans.

Want some more information or want to get your hands on the perfect Earth Day gift? Check out for more information or to pre-order your own Solecan™ directly go here!. You can also find them on Twitter or on Facebook.