Instead of buying more and more decorations (and in turn piling up trash on our landfills), it’s always satisfying to make your own little projects to pretty up your home. If you are using recycled or organic materials, all the better! If you really want to give DIY a go but feel like you don’t have the time, give these 5 minute projects a go.

From burlap to art

If you have some burlap laying around, you can pretty easily turn it into a chic art piece that will give your home a boho touch. You will need a piece of burlap, a stencil, craft paint and some sponges. Oh, and a frame to display it too. If you don’t want to buy anything, you can make your own stencil out of cardboard too. Place the stencil on the burlap and use the sponges to dab paint in bright colors through the shapes. Carefully retire the stencil and leave the piece to dry. Frame it and display on your favorite corner of the house.


Quick DIY Projects For Your Home

Shoebox projector

Nowadays there are some really fancy iPhone projectors out there. Electronic waste is a problem, though and how often are you going to use that projector? If you really need one right now, you can make your own for one dollar. Get a shoebox with a lid, a paperclip, duct tape (black) and a magnifying glass that you can get for one buck at the dollar store. If the inside of your box is not black, you might want to spray paint it or tape some black paper. Trace the edge of the magnifying glass (without the handle) on one of the short sides of the box and carefully cut it out. Line up the lens with the hole and tape it, covering the entire edge with duct ape, so no light leaks around it. Now bend the paperclip into a phone stand (or use a cheap stand you already have) and place the phone all the way to the back of the box, turn it on and admire the projection on the wall. To find focus, slowly walk forwards or backwards until you see a clear picture. Fine tune the focus by moving the phone closer to the lens if you want. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your photos and videos.

Flower stamps out of okra

If you have some okra handy, you can quickly turn it into a flower stamp. By quickly I mean “in seconds”. Simply cut it in half to reveal the hidden flower within. Turns out that it has a surprisingly flower-like pattern and just the right texture to leave a clear image in paper or fabric. Dip your okra in ink, fabric paint or any other pigment and press down to see pretty flowers in your next project.