4 Eco-Friendly Fall Treats

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Fall is here once again and with it comes some awesome holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Jack O’ Lanterns, trick or treat candies and pumpkin pies are just… Read More »


Eco-Cooler Home in the Summer

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It seems like we never catch a break! During the winter we need the heater on or we will freeze our buns off. In the summer, the heat… Read More »


Have The Best Eco-Friendly Home Office

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When we think of going green, we consider changing the light bulbs and appliances to more energy efficient alternatives. But have you ever considered making your home office… Read More »


LED Lights for Me, Thanks!

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Standard light bulbs were good in there day but now it is time for them to be replaced with LED light bulbs. LED lights are eco-friendly and they… Read More »


Better Than My Own House: Out-Of-This-World Birdhouses

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Treehouses are becoming more than just slabs of wood nailed together on top of a high tree. Oh yeah, people are getting creative with their treehouses. Some include… Read More »


Eating Healthy On a Budget

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I want to be on the see-food diet for the rest of my life. The diet entails that whatever food I see I must eat. I wish that… Read More »


How To Use 3 Kitchen Appliances the Eco-Friendly Way

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No one wants to spend more money than they have to, especially when they’re on a budget. Fortunately there are ways you can save money in your kitchen… Read More »


Eco-Friendly TV, Laptop, and Battery, Oh My!

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Eco-Friendly TV, Laptop, and Battery, Oh My! Going green is the latest fad and let’s face it, Mother Earth could certainly benefit from it. There’s only so much… Read More »


Welcome To My Pallet House

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Welcome To My Pallet House As a child I always wanted a tree house, but ever since I saw Fern Gully, the movie, I did not want to… Read More »


How To Recycle As a Family

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A bottle a day keeps the earth going round another day. By bottle, I mean recycling bottles. A great way to get into the recycling routine is to… Read More »