8 Hacks To Instantly Upsize Your Kitchen

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We all dream with a big, spacious kitchen, like the ones in TV cooking shows. And even maybe one of those gigantic mansions we often see on MTV…. Read More »


Is Your Cat An Eco Threat? (We’ll Answer Right Meow)

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One of the most underrated threats for our local ecosystems has been allowed to go unchecked for too long. And there’s probably one near you right meow. I… Read More »


You Should Be Growing Your Own Aromatic Herbs And Here’s Why

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Have some extra space in your garden? Some empty pots you want to put to good use? Start growing aromatic herbs if you are not doing it already…. Read More »


I Bet You Had No Clue These Celebrities Are Vegans And Vegetarians

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Being a celebrity is often confused with being a spoiled, selfish brat, who’s leading a life of excess, money, fame, and parties. But not all celebrities decide to… Read More »


How Veganism Doesn’t Necessarily Help The Planet

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Well, I was a meat eater. I simply felt fed up one day and upon watching the acclaimed documentary ‘Food Inc’, I decided to slowly cut down on… Read More »


Safety Eco-Tips For An Icy Situation

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The best and worst part of the winter season is the cold. You know what else is the best and worst part of the winter season? THE SNOW!… Read More »


Places Where You Can Find Eco-Friendly Fashion Wear

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Did you know that you can be eco-friendly when you go clothes shopping as well? I did not know that when I first started the green life. There… Read More »


Fun Eco-Furnishing Ideas That Your House Would Love To Showcase

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Decorating a home can be so much fun and so expensive. In this case we went a different route since it is an eco-friendly home. We went low… Read More »


Celebrate With Eco-Friendly Wedding Reception Ideas

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Weddings can be so much fun. I say that as a guest. As the bride getting married, well, the wedding can be hectic. Oops, I meant to say… Read More »


Get Rid Of Pests The Eco-Friendly Way

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Now that spring has come and all of the flowers have blossomed in some areas and the grass has grown, be ready for the pest parade. Bugs, ants,… Read More »