4 Tell-tale Signs of Greenwashing

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You may have heard the term, but wondered how exactly greenwashing is defined. Greenwashing occurs when more time and financial resources are spent on advertising, labeling and marketing… Read More »


6 Ways to Green Your Bath & Body

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Bathrooms tend to be one of most wasteful places in our homes. Water runs longer than necessary in the shower or in sinks, paper products are over-used, and… Read More »


7 Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Tips

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Most standard cleaning products and processes are either wasteful or just plain hazardous to humans and pets. Green your cleaning routine by putting these tips into practice. Keep… Read More »


Ways to Get Green When Refurnishing

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As our world continues to become more heavily populated, we need to be concerned with the amount of resources that are being consumed and wasted. Homeowners who remodel… Read More »


5 Things You Should Be Recycling

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You should already have the basics of recycling down — glass, plastic, paper. However, there are plenty of other household items and materials that can be re-used. Have… Read More »


Saving Money with Power Strips

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Guess what? If your electronics are plugged in, they are leaching electricity … even if they are turned off. This is referred to as “phantom load” and it… Read More »


Where to Find Eco-Friendly Beverage Glasses

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Handmade in Colombia of recycled glass from old car windows, these eco-friendly stemless beverage glasses are super sturdy and make great conversation pieces. The thick glass also has… Read More »


3 Great Ways to Recycle Wine Bottles

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Most of us have played the role of party host and then noticed an array of empty wine bottles left around the house in the aftermath. Sure, you… Read More »


Green Materials to Use for Home Improvement

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In need of a new look for the inside of your home? Widespread concern regarding pollution and the conservation of natural resources has prompted more homeowners to consider… Read More »


Get a Fresh Look with Easy Staging Tips

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Give a fresh look to mantels, tables, shelves, bookcases and nooks in your home quickly and inexpensively. These places can be superbly staged using things you already have…. Read More »