Composting is a wonderful way to reuse kitchen scraps as well as discarded leaves, grass, and garden debris. Combined, these ingredients create a nutrient rich soil that your garden and indoor and outdoor plants will benefit from. There are many different ways you can make and maintain your own compost pile at home.

For inside your home, especially when a backyard is not accessible, you can make a hide-away trash bin in your kitchen to through away table scraps, any leaves you may pick up, newspapers, paper towels, cardboard and any other biodegradable materials you may find. Add water to keep your compost moist but never a watery consistency. It normally takes a couple of weeks for the compost to be ready. Use the compost soil at the bottom of the pile and use it for indoor plants or discard the soil at a local garden center or forest.

If you have a backyard, here are some different ways to create a simple compost pile:

  • For a homemade, standard compost pile, you will need three, five foot 2×4 wood slabs, a spool of mesh or chicken wiring and a staple gun. Cut the 2x4’s in half.  Find a secluded spot in your yard to put your compost pile.  Depending on how big you want your compost pile, measure and mark the area before building.  Once you’ve measured a space, place three pieces of the wood parallel to one another with enough space in between.  Place the mesh wiring on the inside of the wood slabs and then staple them to the wood.  Once assembled, begin composting!
  • If you don’t want to create your own compost pile, you can buy one from a Home Depot or Lowe’s hardware store.  You can also order compost bins online at or