Life can become stressful, whether you’re raising a family, getting through school, working full time or running a business. Meditation is a wonderful way to wind down and relax, especially after a long day. The goal is to find your own unique space and method for meditation. Here are a few simple ideas for you to create a meditation space at home:

  • Find a quiet spot inside your home, outside in the garden or in a screened patio.
  • Make your space comfortable and suited to your personality. For example, decorate your meditation space so that it becomes a sweet escape from your busy world. Use your favorite colors in soft tones for a relaxing effect.
  • Avoid bringing in too many objects into your meditation spot. You don’t want a cluttered space when the goal is to feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Use a mat or throw rug to sit with some comfortable pillows for support. A side table would be beneficial so that you can place candles, books or plants.
  • Add peaceful aroma to your space by lighting some soy candles that have a nice, fresh scent. Candles that smell like fresh linen, cotton, or lavender will have the most relaxing effect. Another option is to use incense. Fragrance helps to create a pleasant atmosphere and will help bring focus to your meditation practice while relaxing and soothing the body and senses.
  • Bring something from nature into your space. For example, put some of your favorite flowers in a vase, a water feature that creates a soothing sound of water falling, or herbs hanging on your wall.
  • Music is another great element to bring into your meditation spot. You can use nature sounds or soft music for added tranquility.