pest-control-eco-friendly-wayNow that spring has come and all of the flowers have blossomed in some areas and the grass has grown, be ready for the pest parade. Bugs, ants, caterpillars, spiders, roaches, worms, water bugs, and you name it, the pest is around. Don’t you just hate it when they invade your garden and/or your home? I know I do. Now that you are living the eco-life I think you should go about getting rid of them. No, do not stomp them, or eat them. Find eco-friendlier ways of getting rid of pests.

Here are some ways to get rid of pests the eco-friendly way and I hope you do try them.

  • Try natural planting. Why? It is more likely to attract pests that are beneficial to your plants instead of pests that will harm them.
  • Do not be squeamish. Slugs have a bad habit of roaming around and eating everything in sight. Slug it! Pick them up with your own hands and throw them out. You can also just stomp on them as you scream in fear.
  • Beer traps work well in killing slugs and roaches. Just put small containers full of beer in the ground. The next day you should have some surprises.
  • Protect your plants, fruits, and veggies with plant netting. They are great for keeping unwanted pests out of your hard work.
  • Any child would love to have an ant farm. Just make sure the ones you pick from the yard are not the red ones. The last thing you want is too have red ants running loose around the house because little Joe accidently tip the ant farm over.
  • Scott’s Nature’s Answer Natural Pest Control spray is a natural insecticide and fungicide. You can use is on flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It helps get rid of caterpillars, red spider mites, and black flies. Use is outdoors and indoors.


  • Add some color to your garden. Plant some wild flowers. Why? They attract bees and bees scare off other pests because they are bee-otches!
  • Diatomaceous earth can be used on many pests. Keep it handy.
  • When it comes to spiders…KILL THEM WITH WHATEVER IS NEAR YOU!
  • Trick those pesky pests. How? Trick them by planting strategically of course. If you are planting cabbages and want to avoid cabbage flies then plant chives or onions next to the cabbage. It will confuse them and you will be cabbage fly free.
  • Shoe fly don’t bother me! Put mint in small satchels around the house. It will repel the flies.
  • I especially hate the pests that visit when the lights are off. ROACHES! Spray them with some soapy water. Use Boric acid on the top of your cabinets. Be careful when handling the acid. These tricks also help get rid of ants too.
  • The eco-friendliest way is to have a clean home that the pests do not want to visit. I recommend not leaving your garden unattended for more than two days.

Now that you know some eco-friendly ways to getting rid of pests please try them. Leave the Raid cans at the store. The smell is deadly to the air and you. So next time you see an insect in the garden try not to scream and try getting rid of it if it needs to be. Remember that some pests are good for your garden like ground beetles, lacewings, butterflies and lady beetles.