branch-shelf-eco-friendly-furnishing Decorating a home can be so much fun and so expensive. In this case we went a different route since it is an eco-friendly home. We went low in cost and expensive in taste. A lot of your home furnishing can be made by hand. You know who can make them? You! Your hands can make amazing furniture that you will cherish for a long time.

Here are some fun eco-furnishing ideas that your house would love to showcase and you would surely brag about because you made them yourself.

  • Mulch Pop Art – You will need a picture frame. You can repurpose one or purchase one at a thrift store. Purchase some mulch and separate them in to 8 different buckets. Add a different paint color in each one. Just toss the mulch a bit so that it does not get clumpy. Now take the glass off the picture frame. You have your frame backboard now to make art pop. Use eco-friendly wood glue on the frame backboard. Use the mulch and make a colorful word, or face. Get creative.
  • Pebble Hot Pad – Collect some river pebbles or stones and glue them to a circular piece of wood. Now you can use it to put your tea kettle and hot plates on.


  • Yarn of Fate – In this case… ‘fate’ will be ‘photos’. Go to a salvage yard and purchase old nails, at least 30 of them. You will need some strong twine too and clips. Find a bare wall in your home. Use a pencil and mark out where each nail will go. Make them far apart from each other and have some zigzag. Now hammer them in. Now tie the twine to one of the nails and loop it around the other nails to make lines. When you get to the last nail make sure the twine is strong and tight. Tie it up. Now look for old photos of family, friends, yourself, postcards, etc. Clip them along the twine. You have a one-of-a-kind collage piece.
  • Tree Stump Side Tables – A very simple d.i.y. Get a tree stump with a flat surface. Dry it out, and then chisel away the bark. Now sand it down. You are done. Take an extra step if you want by painting them or adding some varnish. It is up to you.
  • Eggshell Candles – Save those eggshells after you crack them. Give them a good rinse and let them dry. Fill them with wax and a wick and you have the best eco-friendly light ever. You can even make them colorful by melting crayons and filling the eggshells with your color of choice. Set them right on top of the tree stump table.


  • Tree Shelves – Find a thick tree branch. Saw of any excess, and screw it in the wall. You can display small plush toys and trinkets.

There you have it! You can now make these simple yet fun furnishings for your home. The best part is that they are all eco-friendly. Look at nature differently. The next time you are out looking for something to bring into the house remember to ask yourself if you can make it and if there are materials already available for use. Get to having fun the eco-conscious way.