While the pressure to find alternatives to fossil fuels has eased due to somewhat lower gas prices and the media attention has shifted away from the ecology again, that doesn’t mean these issues have gone away. In fact, based on past behaviors, these issues will come to a peak yet again sometime in the future. However, one way you can know you’re doing your part for the ecology, plus saving yourself a lot of money in the process, is to switch everything you have to solar power.

You may wonder how this is possible. With today’s technology, not only is solar power more affordable and efficient than ever, but by replacing or supplanting what you currently have with electric equivalents, you can actually accomplish this. Here’s how:

  • After installing a solar system, replace appliances that use natural gas with electric ones. This includes hot water heaters, stoves, ranges and ovens.
  • Replace your heating system that may use natural gas, kerosene or fuel oil with an electric one.
  • If possible, replace your vehicles with EV (electric vehicle) equivalents. Today, not only can you find small vehicles that are EVs, but SUVs and performance vehicles as well.

Granted, the initial investment in solar isn’t cheap and replacing your existing natural gas appliances and gasoline powered vehicles isn’t an inexpensive prospect, there are lots of compensations. First and foremost, you’ll receive tax breaks from the Federal government and many state governments also provide tax breaks as well.

Also, since you’ll have eliminated electric bills, natural gas bills and gasoline expenses, those funds can be applied to defraying the costs of the solar build. What most people don’t realize is that going solar can actually be subsidized by the electric companies as well. That’s because excess electricity generated by your solar system can be “sent” through the existing power grid and redistributed by the electric companies. This means you can actually accrue credits or even be paid by the electric companies for your excess electricity.

Determining your actual ROI (Return On Investment) can be somewhat challenging. Most solar ROI calculators are limited, but can give you a general idea of your break even points. By replacing fossil fuel factors, this number can drop dramatically which means you could actually be making money from your solar system in just a few years. Not only can you save money and reduce your carbon footprint with solar, you could actually make money in the process!

~Brian C.