As our world continues to become more heavily populated, we need to be concerned with the amount of resources that are being consumed and wasted. Homeowners who remodel or refurnish frequently tend to add to the problem; however, the good news is that many are now seeking out environmentally conscious refurnishing and remodeling methods. We found five in particular that are easy to implement.

CFL Light Bulbs. Use lighting that requires the least amount of energy. Incandescent light bulbs have set the standard for household lighting. However, these bulbs pollute the earth and give off excess heat. A much more efficient alternative is the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, in combination with natural light. These newer bulbs use less energy and last up to ten times longer that incandescent light bulbs. And by using natural light during the day you will use even less energy.

Furniture Made From Recycled Materials. Purchase furniture that’s been made of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Recycled materials have many uses in the home, so it’s really no surprise that furniture manufacturers are now recycling used materials. When furnishing your home, search for furniture made from recycled woods, cork, or bamboo. These materials are readily available and can easily withstand everyday wear and tear. They are also available in neutral colors that will match any home decor.

Earthy Wall Decor. Plain white walls can definitely bring down the energy in a room. Fortunately, there are options available to liven up those walls without hurting the environment. Wall accents made from glass, paper, shells, and even bamboo will add a sense of quirkiness to any room. Not only are these materials fairly easy to get your hands on, they are also able to be used for multiple purposes when you want to change the decor in the home afterwards.

Live Plants. Plants are a good way to accentuate tables and counter spaces. They add a splash of color to your home environment while also cleaning the air. Another way to add a bright splash of color to your home is by purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables to use as a centerpiece on a table.

Reuse Household Items. Many people throw out candles and other items once they are no longer usable. Instead of being wasteful, recycle the candles by melting down the leftover wax into an empty container.