Most of us have played the role of party host and then noticed an array of empty wine bottles left around the house in the aftermath. Sure, you can toss the bottles into a blue recycling bin, but how about getting a little creative? Here are three fun ways you can get the most out of those empty wine bottles after the toast:

  • Cut a small circular hole about a half inch wide in the bottom of the bottle with a glass cutter, fill with a short strand of Christmas lights, put the cork back in the top, and add some raffia to create a unique lighting solution for the top of your wine cabinet or bar area.
  • Use angled cuts on bottles with a glass cutter to create an eco-friendly vase for flowers or vines.
  • Look online or ask your local wine boutique if they sell forged iron wine bottle candelabras. and both sell wine bottle candelabras that can be inserted right into the neck of the empty bottle.