Cork isn’t just for shoes and wedges anymore. Cork is a natural material that is soft to the touch and has an interesting pattern, one unique to each piece covered in it.

Cork is an ultra-sustainable material because it’s harvested from naturally growing cork farms. These cork farms support a wide variety of animal life and are protected. (The demand for cork is not high enough to keep all the cork trees profitable for the people that manage them). Cork, because it’s a natural material, is biodegradable at the end of its life, it’s super durable, fire resistant, and it’s naturally waterproof (perfect for handbags and backpacks)!

You can buy almost anything in cork. You can buy shoes, purses, backpacks, iPad and laptop covers, wallets and even cork jewelery.  Check out to find out more information and to purchase your own cork accessories!  They are handmade, all natural, and vegan and vegetarian friendly! I’m personally a fan of the backpack, super cute and convenient! Click here to check out our favorite cork backpack from!

Here are some interesting facts about cork that you may or may not have known!

  • Cork trees can live to be 170 to 250 years old!
  • Once harvested, the bark regenerates, making it a renewable and sustainable resource.
  • Each ton of natural cork fixes about 1,8t of CO2.
  • In cork oak landscapes, plant diversity can reach a level of 135 species per square meter, and many of these species have aromatic, culinary, or medicinal uses.

Source:  Cork facts courtesy of