Bathrooms tend to be one of most wasteful places in our homes. Water runs longer than necessary in the shower or in sinks, paper products are over-used, and many dollars are spent on high-end spa or beauty products that usually aren’t very healthy for our homes or bodies. Get greener in the bathroom and make a few of these easy modifications using eco-friendly products.

Create a Home Spa. Use natural ingredients you already have at home to create your own body scrubs such as sugar and sea salt. Blend with herbs and essential oils.

Watch the Water. Turn off the faucet while you brush your teeth, shave, or lather up your hair.

Go Low Flow. Invest in a low flow shower head and toilet to conserve water.

Use Multi-Purpose Castile Soap. Organic castile soap has many uses. Use it to clean kids, adults, pets and even as a cleaner for the bathroom.

Buy Recycled Toilet Tissue. 100% post-consumer content tissue cuts back on over consumption of trees, water, and energy resources.

Recycle Empty Glass Jars. Reuse empty glass jars to store cotton swabs, toothbrushes or cotton balls instead of spending the money on special containers.