You should already have the basics of recycling down — glass, plastic, paper. However, there are plenty of other household items and materials that can be re-used. Have you thought about recycling hangers, pantyhose or sporting equipment? We’d love to hear about other household items that you recycle. Feel free to send us an email or post helpful comments with your suggestions.

Dry Cleaning Hangers. Dry cleaners are thrilled to have you bring your hangers back for recycling since it saves them the added time and money it takes to buy new ones.

Plastic Grocery Bags. Check to see if your local grocery store has a recycling container for plastic grocery bags outside the main entrance.

Panty Hose. No Nonsense started the first panty hose recycling program and they accept all brands. No Nonsense turns used panty hose into park benches, playground equipment, ropes, and even carpeting. Call 1-800-575-3497 for more information.

CFL Light Bulbs. CFL light bulbs can be taken in to your local Home Depot for recycling. These bulbs also contain mercury, which is toxic to people and the environment, so it’s especially important that they are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Used Sporting Equipment. Equipment that is still useable can be donated to a local Goodwill store or taken to a second-hand sporting good store such as Play It Again Sports.