Do you have a baby shower coming up and still don’t have a gift? Why not pick something cute, practical and green? New moms get enough adorable onesies that the baby will wear only once. Your friend or relative will be extremely grateful if you get her something practical. And the earth will be grateful if you pick something green as well.


1. Wool diaper covers

Most parents know of reusable diapers (and more and more young families are choosing to use them!), but most still use plastic diaper covers. Wool covers are made of natural fiber, which means that they will breathe better and are more gentle on sensitive skin. Besides, they are naturally anti-bacterial and they can absorb a lot of moisture, so they are perfect for heavy wetters. They are thick enough to double as shorts on warmer months and they can be extremely adorable. Since a family will need only 3-4 covers, you can gift them two and a bottle of wool wash and lanolin to keep the wool moisture-resistant.

2. Reusable wipes

This is such a useful gift, and you can make it yourself. You can buy a used wipe warmer in good condition pretty cheaply and gather cut-up squares of flannel or baby washcloths. Place in a box with some glass jars of scented washing solution and decorate with a cute bow. You can include a homemade card with instructions on how to use the warmer so the wipes are always ready for comfortable diaper changing.

3. Swaddle Blanket

The ideal swaddle blanket is the one that fits well, stretches and tightens up while still being breathable and gentle on the baby’s skin. Look for swaddles made out of light, natural fibers and breathable fabric like muslin. Bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, sustainable and breathable, while organic cotton is soft and gentle. Stick to light fabrics, as these are great for summer nights and can be paired up with more layers when the weather turns cold.

4. Hand-held baby food grinder

Most new parents are not aware of hand-held food grinders, and they will be so grateful when you introduce them to it. These tools are light, easy to clean, portable and green. They are perfect for parents that want to know exactly what they are feeding their children and want to avoid store-bough food. Besides, they don’t use electricity or batteries, which makes them easy on the environment as well.

5. Green toys

Nobody said you can’t give mom and baby something fun! However, you don’t need to fall back on cheap plastic that will end up in the trash in a month and can’t be recycled. Instead of contributing to our landfill problem, give green and sustainable toys. Keep an eye out for plushies made with organic cotton, bamboo wooden toys, plastic toys that are BPA-free, made with natural rubber or recycled.