A spa environment is synonymous with the feeling of peace and tranquility. By adding just a few accents, it can be easy to create a spa environment in your own home that can have a calming effect on the mind and body.

Use Calming Colors. Use cool, calming color palettes like blue, shades of light green, white or lavender.

Add a Dish of Pebbles or Crystals. Place a bowl of pebbles or dish or crystals in the bathroom or bedroom as a reminder of nature’s endurance and strength.

Use Essential Oils. Scent the room with a diffuser made of natural essential oils such as lavender, almond or sage.

Buy Non-Toxic Soy Candles. Add blue, purple or white candles to a room and create a calming environment for meditation. Candles, plants and essential oils all contribute to a more relaxing, healing atmosphere.

Soothing Sounds. Play a CD or download tracks of the sounds in nature, classical or harp music to bring soothing music into your home and create a spa-like environment.