Space is a valued commodity in most kitchens, so we came up with a few new uses for old items that most of us already have stashed away or collecting dust in a closet.

Vintage ceramic crocks. Keep an eye out for ceramic crocks at a second hand store or antique shop. Use them in the kitchen to hold utensils or dried herbs.

Wicker baskets. Wicker baskets are easy to find at most resale shops or just stashed around the house. Use larger baskets for organizing or storing placemats, plates or silverware.

Glass jars. Old glass jars can be labeled and reused as small canisters to hold healthy snacks like almonds, granola or dried fruits.

Loaf pans. Retired loaf pans are ideal to use for neatly classifying and storing kitchen spices or seasonings in cabinets. Label each pan based on general use:  baking spices, poultry seasonings or meat seasonings.