In need of a new look for the inside of your home? Widespread concern regarding pollution and the conservation of natural resources has prompted more homeowners to consider greener ideas and environmentally friendly materials.

Install Bamboo Floors. Most people think bamboo is wood, but bamboo is actually a grass … and one that grows quickly, within three to five years to be precise. This means bamboo is a good renewable resource. Most bamboo is grown and harvested in either Hawaii or China. Bamboo is resilient and comes in a variety of colors and shades.

Use Reclaimed Wood. Reclaimed or salvaged lumber can be used to build walls, as support beams or even in roof construction. Instead of dumping previously used lumber into a landfill, it can be put back into new construction projects.

Choose Low or Zero VOC Paint. A new coat of paint can transform the look of an old room into an exciting new space. However, most paints contain harmful volatile organic compounds that contribute to air pollution, smog and respiratory problems. By choosing low VOC paint, you can help reduce the volatile organic compounds in the air and still have a beautiful, freshly painted room.